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Structure Engineering Integrated Logistics Support
We provide the services of functional analysis, requirements analysis, alternative analysis optimization, system Integration and the detailed specification in Conceptual Design Phase.

In consequence of our conceptual design, the detailed comparative analysis of the system and the section is to be conducted and the design requirements acquired from the conceptual design  phase is to be set up, the detailed design for the system is to be conducted.
Design Trades Detail Design FSD Baseline
- Configuration
- Aerodynamics
- Stability & Control
- Mass
- Performance
- Weapon
- Avionics
- Subsystem
- Etc

- Design Integration
- Layout
- Subsystem Design
- Development Specification
- Wind/T Testing

- Configuration
- Structural Layout
- Subsystem

Projects Implemented
· KHP The center fuselage, forward fuselage structural design
· FA50 Flight testing equipment / Sensor Design
· KUH-1,1P Structural Design
· F-15 SE Structural Design
· 787 / A350 Structural design and analysis support