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Personal Mobility PRT & GRT
Development Backround
· Increasing demand of short-range mobility aids for the   elderly and infirm
· The existing Electric Wheelchairs are recognized as the   medical device for the handicapped only
· To be developed as general 1-seater short-range   transportation methods for the mobility-handicapped
  (the old, the infirm & the pregnant) & the general public
· To be developed as more lighter & energy-efficient   transportation methods utilizing of POSCO’s lightweight   materials(Magnesium, aluminum)

Development Results Plan
- Red Dot Award Design Concept 2013
- IF Product Design Award 2013
- Good Design 2012 Awards
- Displayed in Yeosu Expo.
- Opening ceremony driving at Soon Shin Lee Bridge
  awarded Korean patented technology prize 2014
  (Design Div.)

The production planning & R&D has been proceeded by IT Engineering, it will be launched into the markets in near future.