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Personal Mobility PRT & GRT
IT Engineering’s the most advanced automotive engineering technology and service covers the development of futuristic motor driven mobilitis such as PRT & GRT.
What is PRT & GRT?
Personal Rapid Transit(PRT) and Group Rapid Transit(GRT) are the most advanced transportation system that offers personal(PRT) & group(GRT), on demand non-stop transportation between any two points on a network of specially built guide-ways.
Major Features of PRT & GRT
Description PRT & GRT HRT LRT BRT
Service System Off-Line Station
(Non-Stop, On-Demand) )
Line-Haul System
(Stop at Every Station)
Station Spacing 300~500 m 1,000 m 800 m 500 m
Schedule Speed 40~50 Km/h 25~35 Km/h 25~35 Km/h 20~30 Km/h
Construction Costs Low Very High High Low
Operating System Unmanned System Manned System Manned or Unmanned System Manned System
Operating Time 24Hr Fixed Schedule Fixed Schedule Fixed Schedule
Operating Costs Very Low Very High High Low
Our PRT System : at Suncheon, South Korea
Our GRT System