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EPT Introduction
IT Engineering has developed our own EPT(Electric Power Train) system which integrates high efficient permanent magnet motor, PCU(Inverter & Converter) and reducer for wide range of transportation and mobile power applications.

High efficiency in performance and all-in-one design for low weight, size and cost can provide ideal solution for any kind of electric vehicles.
Development Backround
· High starting torque
· High speed operation
  Wide constant power-speed range with high saliency ratio
· High power density
· High maximum power
· High maximum efficiency

· Maximum torque per ampere control in the low speed region
· Loss minimizing control algorithm in the high speed region
· Fault diagnostic functionalities
  Over/under voltage, over current, over temperature
· Integrated DC/DC converters

- Easy cable installation to vehicle with only 3 ports connection - Only one cooling path from PCU to Motor
  Saved installation time and Easy Maintenance